Get the Facts

Since Ilhan was elected to Congress, there has been a consistent effort by the President, his allies in Congress, and far-right media to spread conspiracy theories about Ilhan and her representation. That same misinformation is now being exploited by Ilhan’s primary opponents. We think it’s important that Minnesotans get the facts about Ilhan’s record.

Fact: Ilhan has a nearly 95% voting record in the House of Representatives. She leads the entire Minnesota delegation in amendments passed in the House, and in total number of bills and amendments introduced:

  • The claim that Ilhan has missed votes is a dated and cherry picked statistic. She has an almost 95% voting average on more than 800 votes—that’s higher than Minnesotans like Tom Emmer, and higher than Keith Ellison’s vote share when he was in the House. 

  • She missed the votes she did because of the death of a family member, to be with community in challenging times and during the Muslim holiday of Eid. Although the House does not vote on most religious holidays, they do hold votes on Muslim holidays. 

  • But the reason that’s so misleading is because she leads the entire Minnesota delegation in amendments passed in the House, and in total number of bills and amendments introduced.

  • In total she has passed 19 amendments on the House Floor. As anyone who has worked in Congress knows, not all of these show up, because many are introduced in committee or passed “en bloc” (with other amendments).

  • She has introduced a whopping 51 bills—including major pieces of legislation to abolish student debt, provide universal school meals, end the waste crisis that is fueling climate change, and put U.S. foreign policy on a pathway to peace.

  • She has secured major victories for Minnesotans—including protections for our Liberian-American community from deportation, bringing home over $400,000 to her constituents in the form of casework and securing critical funding during the coronavirus pandemic.  

  • She cofounded the Black Maternal Health Caucus and the Emergency Taskforce on Black Youth Suicide and Mental Health, is Whip of the Progressive Caucus, and Vice Chair of the Medicare for All Caucus.

Fact: Ilhan has held over two dozen town halls and roundtables in the district, and more than a dozen livestream discussions since the coronavirus crisis began:

  • Especially during this crisis, she and her team have been working around the clock to make sure we are getting resources directly into the hands of Minnesotans as well as our state and local government.

  • She has brought home almost $478,000 to our constituents in the form of casework and securing critical funding during the coronavirus pandemic.  

  • Even in the face of death threats, she has made it a top priority to be in the community with Minnesotans and listen to them.

  • She won the Courage Award from the Town Hall Project for her continued constituent engagement even in the face of death threats.

  • She’s been out in the community too — packing meals for students who were helped by her MEALS Act and visiting local churches.

  • It’s why she’s earned the support of people like Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison.

Fact: Ilhan has spoken out against all forms of hate and led efforts to combat anti-Semitism and Islamophobia in the House:

  • Ilhan feels deeply that all forms of hate are connected and that she cannot speak out against Islamophobia if she is not also speaking out against the dangerous rise of anti-Semitism.

  • And she has sought to lift up universal values — and to speak up for people of all faiths — at every turn. 

  • That includes joining with her colleague Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky from Illinois early in her term to speak out about the rise in faith-based violence — and calling for increased attention to white nationalist terror.

  • And that includes accounting for and learning from her own mistakes and being a better ally.

  • That’s why she apologized unequivocally when she offended her Jewish constituents and colleagues last year.

  • She is also fighting against a President who has spent his whole life targeting marginalized communities — promoting hate against Black, immigrant, Muslim, Latinx people, women, people with disabilities and Jewish people.

  • He seeks to pit us against each other at every turn. 

  • And that’s why it’s so important to push back on Donald Trump’s hateful vision for the country.

Fact: Ilhan supports a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and has consistently spoken out against steps that threaten a solution to the conflict:

  • Rep. Omar believes that if we stand for human rights at home, we need to fight for them for all people around the world — that includes Palestinians and Israelis. 

  • She supports a two-state solution to the conflict, which allows for both Israelis and Palestinians to have their own sanctuaries and self-determination. 

  • This was the official bipartisan U.S. policy until Donald Trump.

  • But right now, Trump is threatening peace — both here at home and for people in Israel and Palestine

  • Working toward peace in the region also means holding everyone involved accountable for actions that undermine the path to peace — because without justice, there can never be a lasting peace.

  • If you want to learn more, you can read the op-ed she wrote in the Washington Post where she talks about her foreign policy views.

Fact: Ilhan has one of the most successful campaign operations in the country and her campaign fundraising is similar to many other House Members and consistent with the FEC rules.

  • Ilhan is one of the top fundraisers in Congress. She does this without taking any money from corporate PACs. In fact, 99.8% of her contributions are less than $200.

  • She also has one of the lowest burn rates in Congress — meaning she spends relatively little money on fundraising. 

  • This allows her to donate to other critical Minnesota organizations like the Minnesota DFL, the Human Rights Campaign, TakeAction Minnesota, Outfront Minnesota, WomenWinning and Jewish Community Action.

  • Ilhan has a team of over two dozen people who help her do campaign work, from full-time staff to contractors, including everything from digital emails to direct mail to travel.

  • Ilhan met her husband through his work as one of those contractors. He worked with Attorney General Keith Ellison for over a decade and is one of the most successful fundraisers in the country. 

  • Like other campaign staff, family members can assist with a campaign. This is stated clearly on the FEC website. At every point, Ilhan’s campaign has made sure it is fully compliant with FEC rules.

  • It is common for family members to be a part of their spouse’s campaign. In fact, as of 2012, over 80 Members of Congress have family members work as part of their campaign.

It’s not surprising that those threatened by Ilhan would try to discredit her campaign, just like they’ve tried to discredit her personally, but it will not stop her from fighting for the Fifth and to improve the lives of our community members.