Ensure Environmental Justice & Energy Independence

We need bold action like the Green New Deal and a transformation of our political and economic systems to combat climate change, centering those most impacted in our policy making.

It is unacceptable for fossil fuel and energy companies to dictate how we treat our planet. We need bold action, and a transformation of our political and economic systems to combat climate change. Those who have been and will be most impacted by climate change must be centered in our policies: communities of color and Indigenous populations, along with workers who would be out of employment from a divestment from the fossil fuel industry.

  • For every $1 million we invest on clean energy infrastructure, we create an average of 17 jobs in all sectors of the U.S. economy, as opposed to only 5 jobs in existing fossil fuel infrastructure jobs
  • Over the last 10 years, Minnesota has invested in renewable energy, wind and solar, creating more than 170 new clean energy businesses
  • Minnesota’s clean energy industry employs over 54,000 workers and pays wages exceeding the statewide average

Vision and policy priorities

Achieve 100% renewable energy

We need a complete shift away from fossil fuels. We must build a green society, invest in alternative energy sources and energy efficiency programs. Energy efficiency alone is predicted to keep over $2 trillion in the pockets of Americans by 2030, and will create millions of jobs and begin to beat back climate change.

  • Invest in access to renewable energy for communities that have been most impacted by the negative effects of climate change and ensure that renewable energy is affordable for all
  • Prohibit new extraction of fossil fuels sitting below federal lands and water
  • Ensure the United States honors our commitments to the Paris Climate Agreement and maintains its role as a global leader in the fight against the climate crisis
  • Restore and strengthen the Clean Power Plan
  • Work with local communities to oppose projects like the Line 3 Replacement Pipeline, PolyMet and Twin Metals mining projects

Transition to a green economy

We must break the fossil fuel industry’s monopoly over our energy grid and create a just transition to a green economy. I reject the false dichotomy created by the fossil fuel industry between having jobs and a clean environment. We must ensure that those employed in the fossil fuel economy have access to employment in the green economy. A Green New Deal will create millions of jobs for workers in both rural communities and low-wealth communities.

  • End the millions of dollars fossil fuel corporations receive in tax subsidies each year
  • Invest in a Green New Deal, ensuring that we are investing in clean energy systems, and providing millions of jobs to workers currently in the fossil fuel economy, and for workers currently shut out of the economy
  • Invest directly in areas that have been harmed by environmental racism

Create zero-waste communities

Achieving zero waste is crucial to building sustainable and resilient communities. Poor waste management negatively affects the health of both local populations and our planet. Areas like North Minneapolis and the Phillips neighborhood are disproportionately affected by air pollution. I introduced the Zero Waste Act, which will:

  • Invest in solutions that address the waste epidemic plaguing our country
  • Allow cities to build recycling infrastructure or create partnerships with local businesses aimed at reducing waste in their operations