Representative Ilhan Omar Secures Endorsements from MN Labor Unions

April 24, 2024

MINNEAPOLIS— Earlier today, Congresswoman Ilhan Omar touted a slate of endorsements from local labor unions at a press conference in Minneapolis. The press conference was attended by members of AFSCME Council 5, MFT 59, MRLF, Unite Here Local 17, and the Minnesota AFL-CIO. You can watch the livestream here.

“Labor unions have been the driving force for positive change for workers in modern history. Here in Minnesota, we know that workers in our state have led the labor movement for decades and are doing so once again,” said Congresswoman Ilhan Omar. “I have been proud to stand with labor every step of the way…to put power back in the hands of workers–right where it belongs. I want to thank the labor unions here today for their endorsement, and I pledge to continue fighting alongside them.”

Other labor leaders also spoke about their support for Congresswoman Omar in her re-election campaign.

“Making the labor endorsement in the Fifth District was an easy one for the unions of the MN AFL-CIO,” said Bernie Burnham, president of the Minnesota AFL-CIO. “As a former member of AFSCME, she knows firsthand that working people have the most leverage and power when we organize and negotiate collectively. The choice for working people in the Fifth District is clear: we need to send Ilhan Omar back to Washington to be our voice in Congress.”

“The AFL-CIO has endorsed Ilhan Omar because she stands unwaveringly for workers’ rights, fair labor practices, and a growing labor movement,” said Alfreda Daniels,  Executive Campaigns Manager for the Minneapolis Regional Labor Federation (MRLF). “By supporting Ilhan Omar, labor knows we have a partner and a champion in advancing our mission for decency, equity and prosperity for all workers.”

“[T]his election, we have a choice to make. Who tells our story? Is it corporations…Or is it folks right here from CD5—is it Congresswoman Ilhan Omar—who’s carrying our voices with her,” said Rod Adams, Executive Director of New Justice Project. “The thing that I know about Ilhan is that she will fight, and fight, and fight. And if someone knocks her down, she’s gonna get right back up. And we’re gonna help her.”

“I have sat in on multiple screenings, I have been at all the conventions; Ilhan is the only person in this race to even mention the word education in her speeches,” said Greta Callahan, President of MFT 59. “Ilhan doesn’t pick and choose which labor to support. She has always been here supporting all of Labor, she has had our backs and I am so proud to have her back now and forever.”

Representative Ilhan Omar has been endorsed by the Minnesota AFL-CIO, SEIU, MRLF, AFSCME Council 5, MFT 59, Education Minnesota, and the National Education Association.