ICYMI: Over 100 Members of 5th District Jewish Community Publish Letter of Support for Rep. Omar

July 21, 2020

MINNEAPOLIS—Members of the Jewish Community in the 5th Congressional District published multiple pieces supporting Rep. Omar’s reelection. A group of over 100 Jewish supporters in the 5th have published an open letter in support of Rep. Omar and denouncing the dishonest smears against her from her corporate-backed opponent. David Brauer published a message of support for Rep. Omar in the City Pages; and Benjamin Gerber published an op-ed in The Forward about his close friendship with Rep. Omar.

In the open letter, 5th District constituents write:

We know some folks who want a softer touch in their politicians. But here’s the thing: Martin Luther King was divisive. Hubert Humphrey was divisive. Paul Wellstone was divisive. And even now, Black Lives Matter is divisive — but their protests are now supported by 64 percent of Americans. Sometimes that’s the way change happens. Jews have long been at the forefront of movements for social justice, and our support for Ilhan Omar is rooted in our deepest Jewish values.

We’re proud to have her as our representative. And we’re proud to support her reelection.

You can read the full letter here. Signatory information available upon request.

David Brauer writes:

It comes down to this: Minneapolis’s Fifth District is one of the most progressive districts in America, which should push America toward ideas that broaden justice.

In the end, though, my vote is a positive one, honoring people truly at risk who have poured into the streets to hasten America’s endlessly overdue reckoning, demanding more than the arid comfort of conventional wisdom.

You can read the full article on Medium here.

Ben Gerber writes:

I know Ilhan and I will continue to discuss and disagree on issues big and small, but I also know the person she is — a fierce advocate for the ideas and the country she loves.

You can read the full article in The Forward here.