Real Change is Possible

Ilhan’s Vision

public education

Guarantee Access to Public Education

We must guarantee access to pre-kindergarten, childcare, and invest in debt-free college.


Provide Healthcare Coverage for All

We will fight for a medicare for all to guarantee quality healthcare for all Americans.

economic justice

Establish Economic Justice for Working Families

We must build a democratic economy that works for all of us.


Create a Just Immigration System

We must welcome immigrants into our county and provide them with paths to citizenship.


Ensure Environmental Justice and Energy Independence

We need to combat climate change, centering those most impacted in our policy making.


Re-imagine Our Criminal Justice System

We must radically transform our approach to criminal justice and invest in restorative justice practices.


Achieve Homes for All

Whether we rent or own our homes, everyone deserves access to a safe and stable place to live.


Build Resilient Infrastructure

The path to an equitable infrastructure system is public money going toward public good.


Promote Peace & Prosperity

We must end the state of continuous war, as these wars have made us less safe.


Fight for LGBTQIA+ Rights

The LGBTQIA+ community’s struggle did not end with the legislation of same sex marriage.

gun violence

Prevent Gun Violence

We need solutions that keeps our kids and our communities safe.


Invest in Arts & Humanities

Challenges we face require creative solutions to make communities more vibrant and welcoming.

clean elections

Implement Clean Elections

Until we are able to run fair and clean elections, we will face barriers to transformative change.